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EXPLORE PLANET (Explore Planet), it's thousands of testimonies of these men and women, who for centuries have shaped our history. Explore Planet promotes these villages and cities with remarkable heritage, these places and landscapes of incredible beauty. Now let's discover where we rediscover our wonderful planet together through thousands of videos selected for you. Last Addition...

EXPLORE PLANET , it's also more than 100 million page views, it's more than 5000 pages on the tourist treasures in the World. Ecology...

STOP PLASTIC the production of plastics has experienced exponential growth in recent decades, from 1.5 million tonnes produced in 1950 worldwide to 335 million tonnes in 2016.

PERMACULTURE the soils are generally very poor, especially in the regions most subject to intensive agriculture. Soil is rich when it contains more than 4% organic matter. However, in the large cereal plains, we are around 2%.

ENVIRONMENT the Mediterranean Sea could be emptied of its fish in a year. This is the result that the modern fishing industry could lead in the absence of regulation.

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