The fashion of sea bathing started later in Etretat than in Dieppe

France | Seine-Maritime

A multi-faceted and highly dynamic city, Rouen has been reinventing itself for several years. It is now strongly focusing on its river, the River Seine. Le Havre has long been considered as a grey and charmless city, but is now a very attractive city. When you arrive in Dieppe for the first time, you are immediately immersed in an exhilarating maritime atmosphere: seagulls flying over the town and the smell of sea salt in the air are signs that the sea is very close and that you will have great experiences. Fécamp, the former capital city of the Dukes of Normandy is an authentic town turned towards the sea and its treasures. In between the Baie de Somme and the Alabaster Coast, the town of Eu, located in the heart of the Bresle valley, is well worth a visit. Second most important city in Upper-Normandy after Rouen in terms of number of Historic Monuments, this little town of 7,000 inhabitants has long, beautiful stories to tell...

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