55 Italian sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Italy | Trentino-Alto Adige | Dolomiti

The Dolomites constitute the eastern part of the Alpine Mountain Range, and are one of the 55 Italian sites on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The mountainous groups included run from the Brenta Dolomites to the Catinaccio and the Latemar, between the Alto Adige and the area of Trento; from the Dolomites of Sesto to the Pale di San Martino; from the massif of Marmolada to the group composed of Pelmo and Croda da Lago, to then arrive at the Friulian Dolomite chain, the most eastern of them all. Le Corbusier, one of the most noted architects of the 1900s, defined them as the “most beautiful architectonic work in the world.” And indeed, the Dolomites offer up a magnificent panorama: mountains constructed with walls of rock, ice caps, karst systems, unbelievably high spires, towers and pinnacles – mountains molded and shaped by the elements, and where the cultures of Italy, Germany and the native Ladin community all meet and intertwine.

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