Trinidad & Tobago is more than a Caribbean holiday paradise

Trinidad and Tobago

Both islands also have a lot to offer in the way of active holidays: biking and hiking tours in the rainforest, sailing a kayak through the mangroves, diving to the underwater reefs and much more against a stunningly beautiful natural backdrop. Sailors find ideal conditions in the numerous yacht harbours on the Chaguaramas peninsula. Charter a yacht for a day or a week and sail “Down the Islands” or around Tobago’s Caribbean coast. You can also get a berth for your own boat. The huge swells on Trinidad’s northern coasts are a surfer’s dream. The most popular among surfers are Blanchisseuse, Grande Rivière and Sans Souci in Trinidad. In Tobago, Mt. Irvine Bay has plenty of waves for surfers to enjoy. Trinidad and Tobago’s topography is ideal for mountain bike tours. Travel through the lush rainforests with knowledgeable local guides. Advanced mountain bikers can enjoy the rapid downhill paths and adventurous routes with names such as Sky Loops...

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